June 28th, 2014

Why do Chinese people have canceled all wedding on 2010? Krivoy Rog!

The Chinese believe that the lunar calendar next year is considered unlucky for marriage and childbearing.

Often postpone marriage for a more favorable time insists the older generation, because today's young people becoming less observe the foundations of the country and customs, while their parents and grandparents are turning to the lunar calendar, even when not planning the biggest deals.

From next February until the beginning of 2011 wedding in China canceled. In this connection, everyone who was going to formalize relations in the coming year, the celebration was moved to an earlier date, and in the local registry office began "wedding boom." The number of registrations has increased dramatically in the last November.

In accordance with the lunar calendar year is divided into 24 parts. The most successful period is "the beginning of spring." This time favors any serious business and undertakings, as they favored the male energy Yang. According to astrologers, the current period of "early spring" will end on February 14, the first day of the new lunar year.

2010 was believed to ancestors, women will not totally take in finding a life partner. The year also unfavorable for the birth of children and threatens imminent dissolution of marriages.