December 19th, 2013

Where to send unrequited love? Krivoy Rog!

Two well-known artists in Zagreb (Croatia) created an unusual museum: Museum of unrequited love.

The museum bitter memories and evidence of a broken love. Here you will see the wedding dress, a teddy bear and an ax. In the museum send different things from an unhappy love affair, were exhibited at the show.

Each has its own museum exhibit personal history. For example, one girl tube sent to the museum of the former lover.

And there are quite unusual exhibit – an ax, who arrived in the Museum of Berlin. This German carpenter tool split all the furniture into small chips, when she left the favorite. According to German himself, then the ax was for him a means of therapy.

Help: Zagreb – Croatia is a huge city, which in today's fast paced life has managed to retain its originality.