February 24th, 2014

What tourist chooses vacation? Krivoy Rog!

Tourism market expert noted some features of a tourist in an economic crisis.

Previously, tourists traveled abroad twice a year for a week and a beach holiday combined with cognitive, now once a fortnight and choose "beach."

Lengthening and shortening a vacation "frequency" of trips abroad saving on flights. To save the tourists choose a more "budget" tours, save on "star" hotels and resorts.

Another interesting point. Tourists tired of exotics and are now opting for countries which are not more than 4 hours "summer": Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, Bulgaria and so on.

"If you promise 10 days in the Mediterranean for $ 200, I would have thought. During the crisis, bankrupt companies often try to improve their business from tourists … And if this voucher for $ 200 is not "burning" without departing tomorrow, it is worth considering – not a bad deal if it "- said the expert.