May 17th, 2014

What spoiled the stay for tourists? Krivoy Rog!

Tourist industry representatives say that staying tourists can ruin even waking elephant.

"Trud" newspaper published a list of the most absurd complaints of tourists based on British travel companies. Tourists from Russia, too, is often treated with absurd questions.

List of the most unusual complaints topped tourist who went to the water park, but did not bring the heat. Without them, he was not allowed in the recreation area. In spoiled trip enraged man accused travel agent. According to him, it had to warn that water parks are melting.

In second place – funny claim from travelers to Spain. They reproached the tour operator that in this country too many Spaniards.

In the third – the complaint on Indian cuisine. When tourists had dinner at local restaurants, they did not like that too much curry dishes.

The fourth and fifth places were claims from beach lovers. One did not like the sand on the coast too white. Other outraged that swam in the sea too many fish. Neither the first nor the second case, the poor tourists relax and did not work.

The sixth line is the tourist who bought on an overseas resort with a fake hand. One street vendor caught his Ray Ban sunglasses for only five dollars. After buying it turned out that the glasses are not branded. Tourist accused in his tour, in fact because of this failure all the rest went down the drain.

Often there are complaints that the tour longer to get to your favorite resort, than their friends from other countries. Three-room or other "significantly more" than the number of its economy (which is a tourist himself and chose).

Other tourists complain that dined at the restaurant rotten meat, but noticed it only when it's all eaten. Now would-be travelers are interested in "what to do when things get bad."