August 20th, 2014

What are the tickets?

Unlike Russia, where in fact there is only one type of ticket – Disposable from point A to point B at a fixed price, the railways of Europe offer a large selection of a variety of tickets. Ticket systems of different countries are very different from each other, and you can select only the most common trends. Consider the most commonplaces: sessile second-class tickets, which in turn are divided into standard, tickets and discount tickets.

Standard one-way ticket

Standard ticket from point A to point B – is the most expensive type of ticket. The cost of its calculated from the amount of mileage or tariff zones. This ticket is always possible to pass back to the cashier. Buying it is only in the case where you use only one rail twice a year and are not eligible for the discount.

Children's tickets are usually half that of the standard reef. Age below which children can ride on the tickets in different countries ranges from 12 to 16 years. For example, in Denmark free ride children up to 10 years, and in Austria – 15.

Validity of tickets vary between countries. Tickets short distance generally be used in a couple of days, and tickets can be further apply one month or more. In some countries the validity of the ticket are the same regardless of the distance. Many tickets need to be composted before traveling to special yellow or orange box-composters platforms.

Discount Tickets

In most countries, the cost of standard tickets can be reduced through a variety of discounts. The most common youth (under 26 years) and retirement (after 60) are on sale, with them you can save 20-35% of the fare. Save even more students. The next kind of discounts can be called a shuttle or sightseeing. In some countries, you get a discount if you take immediately return tickets. Typically savings of 15-30%.

If you intend to say, cross the whole of Germany or Holland and back to the departure point, the price of such a trip would equal the cost of a one way ticket. In addition, most of the national railways offer excursion fares in other countries, the cost of which usually ranges between 100 and 200 euros. Usually when buying excursion rates should immediately book seats in certain trains.

Group discounts exist almost everywhere, and in some countries even get a discount two people traveling together – the first person pays full fare and companion half. Approximately the same conditions exist for families with children.

Another type of discount – time. Railway administration is trying to encourage more travel peak times. On some railroads trip from Monday to Thursday are cheaper than weekend or on holidays. Savings of about 30%. And in Germany, cheap you can ride in the evening – a voyage to any distance after 19 hours costs 30-40 euros.

Buying a ticket for a few days before the trip is justified in the UK on Eurostar trains between London and the continent, where it is possible to save more than half the cost, thus railways try to paint the place in advance trains and optimize their use.

Discounts can sometimes be summed up, but not always. Many discounted tickets accepted for return, but check it out before purchasing. It should also be borne in mind that the number of coupon sites may be limited and may be disassembled in a few days or even weeks before the date of travel.


If you intend to commit to train at least a few long trips, you probably will be able to save considerably by using one of the myriad types of tickets. Travel are local, regional, national, international. They may work a certain number of days in a row, and can – a few days of your choice within a certain period. Some travel apply to all trains, some – only some. In addition, there are a certain number of travel trips in the country, in the region or on a specific route. Some local travel day do not operate within a calendar day and 24 hours.

Many local travel are the responsibility of the local systems of urban and suburban transport and allow the use of not only the railroad, but all other vehicles: buses, cable cars, ships, private railways, and are entitled to free access to railway museums and the like.

National travel subdivided into three groups depending on who has the right to purchase this ticket – local residents, residents of other European countries or the Europeans. The cheapest tickets for residents of other countries in Europe (including the CIS) – the operating system allows EuroDomino travel the country for three – eight days in a month, and also gives a discount on travel to this country. Youth version EuroDomino about a third cheaper.

International travel may also be different. Say, did not the Europeans have to buy expensive travel and Eurail Europass, which operate primarily in Western Europe. Travel through several countries are usually sold without any restrictions on the place of residence. These include travel to Scandinavia Scanrail, travel by Benelux Benelux Tourrail Pass, travel Balkan Balkan Flexipass, Eastern European European East Pass, Pyrenean Iberic Pass (last three first-class only). They are somewhat cheaper European traffic tickets and sometimes provide more benefits, such as additional discounts on ferries and buses.

Before you buy a pass, you should ensure that its purchase is justified. Travel pass is only available until the beginning of its activities, and even then not always. By purchasing a pass, carefully review the rules for its use. Some travel should be composted before the first trip there or enter the dates and travel itineraries.

Special offers

Most European railways regularly offer special rates. For example, a ticket to the tour with a visit to Munich's Oktoberfest beer festival. Or a ticket to Paris with a visit to Disneyland. A lot of options: a variety of exhibitions, sports tournaments, carnivals and the like. Or, say, a ticket to Switzerland ski package plus services. The price of this rate will be such that you will save and at the railway ticket and entrance ticket to the event.

Another variety – linking railway ticket with another mode of transport. For example, a combined ticket for the train and plane or train and ferry. There are also special tickets for cheap travel to the airport and back. They are sold in the presence of the ticket.