December 20th, 2014

Website TripAdvisor has identified ten resorts in the world

Recently the website TripAdvisor, based on the opinion of its readers identified ten "most gastronomichnyh" resorts. The undisputed leader in this competition, according to experts, was the Argentine Mendoza. There tourists should certainly try Pastel de Choclo – dish made of corn and very tender meat. Also Pastel de Choclo, experts recommend that travelers try to jam chayote – local fruit, which is also called Mexican cucumber.

For Mendoza should Catalonia (region of Spain). She rightly takes the second place in this ranking. And the thing is that its cuisine is based on three components constant grain, oil, wine. As for the culinary arts, it is equally enriched traditions of the East and the New World. Katolonskie meals are very nutritious. A large part of them includes eggplant, meat, richly flavored with pepper, garlic sauce and romesko.

In third place is Marrakech in Morocco. That's where all fans tagine and couscous is recommended to try the famous soup Hariri. Also presented three finalists, the list includes: Napa Valley (California, USA), Chiang Mai (Thailand), New Orleans (Louisiana, USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Tuscany (Italy), Bali (Indonesia) and Provence ( France).