August 23rd, 2014

We win or lose, when alone go on a trip?

Probably because life works that sooner or later each of us there comes a time when suddenly you start to dream about the rest. Some planning your vacation, used to refer to the help of mediators. But now, because of the global financial crisis, travel rose. And the people, rather than to think about who and what they are paying the money earned by overwork and learn to travel on their own, without the help of intermediaries prefer to completely abandon the pleasure to visit abroad. And maybe it is worth to think about and understand what we give our money and is it worth it? First of all, pay for the travel agent that it relieves the customer from the hassle and bustle selects for him the best hotel, the most convenient airline. However, there is a possibility that you will be taken to such a man, who came into this profession by accident, do not get enough education, having no knowledge or experience. Edinstvennuaya goal for these people is to sell more expensive tour, get more commission, in a word "divorce client." At the same time they are completely unfamiliar with the product, have no idea what they sell, never been in any hotels or even in countries that offer. That is, we, in fact, give our money and trust us to choose a place of rest for the man who himself did not understand anything in this. The only good news is that while not all such travel agent. Professional staff are very attentive and correct, are still there but they are not easy to find.
In practice, it all goes as follows: first tourist travel company he chooses long, asks friends, reading reviews on the Internet, and then doing all the same to him in respect of the proposed hotel, ie spends most genuine market research. Thus, if the company is doing something wrong, then the customer has to understand the long legal intricacies. Based on this, a logical question arises: "Is it not better time spent searching travel company, immediately use for booking hotels and flights, and thus also save?" Besides, thanks to the new trends of science, this process can be simplified. We are talking about the Internet. With it, you can not leave home to purchase and air ticket and hotel booking, and even the bus passes and tickets to museums who want to visit during your trip.
There is another drawback in the travel agencies. The fact is that they all work with a limited number of tour operators in the same way as the agency Ticketing sometimes offers far fewer options. To feel the difference, it is worth a try at least once to book everything yourself, and then it becomes clear how many more options exist in reality. However, here, as they say, a double edged sword. On the one hand, the tour operator, redeems rooms in bulk can get a lower price. On the other hand, we need only to look, and any more or less familiar with the internet people find a lot of very favorable deals: reduce the cost of living in low season, weekend, when booking a certain number of nights. In addition, as a bonus, and they offer free transport and dinners, and other nice perks. It should also be borne in mind that any travel company is obliged to pay wages to employees, buy equipment, pay office rent and carry many other expenses. And Where will all this money, but out of your pocket?
The situation is similar regarding flights. In addressing this issue, not only tourists can take advantage of special offers flights passengers accumulate bonuses, which can then be used to pay for flights. This does not necessarily go to the sites of airlines and look out for the best options. Usually have the option to subscribe to the newsletter, which will always be aware of all the proposals.
Third paragraph – this visa. They say that they help firms execute. In fact, things are different. All the matter is that companies are not related to the embassy and can not influence the decision of consular officials. In addition, firms do not make out the reference on salary, not photographed, do not take the help of the state of the bank account – all the customer has to make himself. The only thing they can help with is the questionnaire (form and fill pattern which, incidentally, can be found on the Internet) and make out insurance. Far in the past left a time when travel companies really relieves the client from some inconveniences passed and receive documents. To date, most tourists still have to come to the embassy, and even more than once, because fingerprints and photograph the iris can only applicant personally. And more and more urgent becomes the issue, since, according to representatives of the visa departments of foreign countries, very soon this practice will adhere to all of Europe. So, when planning your vacation, all carefully weigh and decide, "Worth It" or is it better to do it yourself?