October 5th, 2014

Ways to deal with depression posleotpusknoy!

Whatever interesting was not our job, sooner or later, we have a desire to take a break. However, the holiday has both positive and negative points. On the one hand, of course, rest allows a person to recover their physical and mental strength, to distract, to rethink some things, positive attitude … On the other hand, according to scientists, 35% of people going to work after a successful holiday, suffer from depression. This is not surprising, because the body during holiday time to tune in to stay and therefore perceives the need to work as forced. But do not despair, as to avoid the bad mood is still possible. And everyone probably has their own ways. And for those who are still on the lookout for, consider a few different recipes offered by psychologists. So, the first recipe to get rid of depression is to invite friends to visit and share with them their memories, show pictures …. The second method is to continue to relax at any free time. Moreover, according to psychologists, the time you need to plan the minute. For example, today – in the movies, tomorrow – meeting with friends over the weekend – the cottage for kebabs. Try it and see that the day flies much faster, and the head is occupied not only the important things, but pleasant thoughts.

Also it should be noted that, according to statistics, 80% of all applications for dismissal employees of Russian companies supplied it after the holiday. Psychologists say that this trend is also one of the manifestations of depression posleotpusknoy. Therefore, according to experts, each employer (provided that he does not want to lose a valuable employee) must perform a few simple recommendations. First, you must allow the employee (who recently came from vacation) late for work for 15 minutes (at least the first few days). Secondly, it is thought to offer him a new project. According to psychologists, it immediately interested person in a new and interesting work. Third, try to stimulate the performance of employees with new tasks, future plans and premiums. However, if you want to keep the authority in his eyes, then remember that promises must be kept! You can arrange a corporate party or joint trips abroad, such as international seminars. This will unite the workers, and, in general, will help improve the quality of work. In addition, it should be remembered, and that work should begin gradually. So do not cast the pile of cases on the shoulders of just returned from vacation employee.

Another important condition is to avoid depression, it is important to rest and he passed correctly. After all, people often confuse the two concepts: laziness and relaxation (which, however, have nothing to do). Psychologists say that the perfect vacation – this trip and excursion tourism. Why? Yes, because it is with this version you can breathe fresh air (which is very necessary for the body), get a lot of new experiences, and finally break away from the cares and business issues. But you do need to take into account, so it's jet lag when returning to their homeland.

And remember that posleotpusknaya depression – is not a disease, but rather a special condition of the body associated with addiction. Therefore, two or three days the normal rhythm of life will help your body to normalize, and a bad mood will vanish. If this does not happen, then maybe you should think about how to change jobs.