November 23rd, 2014

Want to know how our ancestors lived – welcome to the hotel-cave?

Recently, the U.S. opened a unique hotel. The fact that American businessman Richard Zimmerman opened hotel right in the cave. However, wishing to stay in a cave-you should know that there is practically no service in the usual sense, so breakfast, lunch and dinner would have to produce their own. Of furniture in "rooms" there are only wooden benches. As for the equipment, then underneath Richard Zimmerman probably meant firepit. It brightens up (to some extent) the inconvenience cost of hotel rooms. So, for the night at the hotel, you will need to pay only $ 5. If the conditions appeared to be acceptable to you, then you can stay in for a month. Such pleasure will cost you only $ 25. Incidentally, it is also necessary to note the fact that the owner himself lives in his hotel-cave constantly, and he spends his spare time on the shores of Salmon River. The future plans of American businessman enters the base of mountain communes.

Despite this, and extensive contacts in the field of educational programs and business tourism in Russia is still very ill go selling tours in the United States. Ascertain this fact and many Russian firms. His vision of the causes of the situation shared sales manager, "Daly City" Olga Kondratuk: "Our citizens do not fit the parameters that are needed to obtain a U.S. visa. Therefore, this process is very difficult and time consuming."