November 11th, 2014

Walk, so walk! The most expensive hotels in the world.

A few days ago in the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph" were released the results of a study whose results were astonishing in many people. The fact that experts in the study found that the most expensive hotels are located in … Moscow. It is the capital of the Russian state, according to foreign experts, the average price for a hotel room is 317 dollars a day. In second place was New York, Moscow, conceding only 17 dollars per room. $ 225 per night spent in a hotel, will have to pay a tourist in Boston. That he takes the third place in the ranking. Besides these three, the five finalists were business centers such as Chicago and Washington from 236 to 223 dollars. The most inexpensive, despite its pomp, proved London (where you can stay for just $ 172 per room per night).

As for the government, it is still the Moscow authorities have such a high price in the hospitality industry argued acute shortage of beds in hotels of the city. To combat this problem, the City developed a special targeted program, which is already beginning to bear fruit. For example, recently in Munich, at the opening of the International Exhibition "Expo-Real" Yuri Luzhkov said: "Now in the capital every two weeks by the hotel opens. Besides, the most desired category – two-three stars. " But what was said at a meeting of the Moscow government: "Currently under construction are 92 hotels with a total of 92 thousand seats." After spending simple calculations it can be concluded that by 2010 the hotel business will expand to 160,000 seats. However, this fact is unlikely to result in a reduction in the cost of living in hotel rooms. The fact is that in order to provide good service even in existing hotels in Moscow, management companies have to resort to the services of the attendants of the number of citizens of other states. It turns out that the increase in prices for hotel rooms, ultimately, seriously affects the cost of foreign labor service personnel. In fairness it should be noted that in Moscow as learning takes place individuals who will be the consequence of the housekeeping staff. But as said the head of the Department of Consumer Market and Services Vladimir Malyshkov his staff for hotels – waiters, bartenders, sales staff and others – preparing all 4-4,5 thousand, and ought to be several times higher. According to preliminary data, in 2010 for the hotel market as a whole will need at least 100,000 workers. And most of them to be necessary in this market, you should not hold a college diploma and a diploma of completion of a special school or college. Otherwise, the input operation can not provide the hotel desired level of service. And this problem today is very relevant (since according to statistics level of service in Russia in 2006 took only 1 percent of the world tourism market). And if the number of people wishing to come to Moscow is still growing (on average 3.5 million people come annually), then, in general, coming to Russia over the past year the number of visitors from China decreased by 28 percent, from Canada and France – 22 %, from Germany – 10.7% of Japan – 10.5% percent.
To date, apartments for rent partially solves the problem of congestion hotels in Moscow. According to experts, many travelers prefer to recently used this service, as in Moscow, rent an apartment is often easier than stay in hotels. Besides the cost of such a service are much lower than at the same class.