July 4th, 2014

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During construction of the pipeline, at a depth of one kilometer in the Ionian Sea were found the remains of two old ships. The remains were found between the islands of Corfu and Paxos. Before the construction, the entire area of the future gas pipeline have been studies that were conducted with the oceanographic vessel. As a result, archaeologists found three ships, two of which were ancient. Wonderful stay in Greece from Krivoy Rog to offer travel agency Discovery.

The skeleton of one of the ships rested at a depth of 1 meter km.180. As archaeologists suggest it was a merchant ship, which sank in the 3rd century BC. With the help of special equipment on the surface raised two amphorae and marble vessel, whose height is 30 centimeters. As pictures shown on the site of the sunken ship remained utensils, amphorae, anchor and some other things.
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Remains of the second ship was found at a depth of 1 meter km.375. The second ship also sank in these parts in the era of the Roman Empire. In place of the sunken ship was found stone slabs, metal objects, etc.
In addition to these two vessels, archaeologists have discovered a ship that sank in about 17-18 centuries AD.

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