June 30th, 2014

Visit Dubai almost free Krivoy Rog!

To Kuwaiti national holiday – the 18th anniversary of liberation from Iraqi occupation of the emirate, a private airline, "Al Jazeera" in 1991 decided to sell a ticket for 1 dinar (3.5 dollars).

Fallen to the world financial crisis is not afraid of the company's management. Chairman of the Board of Directors, "Al Jazeera" Marwan Budai sure that in a crisis, "Al Jazeera" be able to remain profitable, "because people will not stop flying, especially on aircraft companies offering cheap tickets."

So anyone visiting Beirut, Dubai or New Delhi almost free can do it from March 2 to April 30, ITAR-TASS reported.

Although in fact the ticket will not cost one dinar. Some 25 dinars each passenger will have to pay in the form of various fees and taxes.