January 29th, 2014

Vacations abroad by the sea …

This season, the demand for cruises has grown substantially. It was noted by tour operators that offer this product, and firms that are just going to go on a cruise vacation market. In some companies, the volume of work is considerably higher than the planned indicators, the weekly increase in the number of cabins sold is 30-50% compared to the same period last year. On the market there are many tourist resorts and high-class hotels. Any professional can name a dozen places where there is a wonderful opportunity to relax, gain new knowledge and experience. However, modern man is simply no way to devote his every trip to a city or resort. With the beach tourists tend to go on a hike or on the contrary, being in a warm country, want to swim in the gentle sea. Customers who opt for sea cruises, want for one trip to visit several states and to get the most impressions. The myth that cruises – a holiday for lazy dispel any tourist who visited on a cruise. Boat trips – it's an unforgettable holiday, the work of the mind, a lot of new experiences. The second distinguishing feature of cruises – a holiday for those people who are well able to take your money. Moving between the two countries, a full day and food, excellent entertainment on board and professional animation, a complex of sports and recreational activities – it's already included in the price of cruises. Cruises – a holiday for prudent in the good sense of tourists who used to invest in their health and peace of mind. It's no secret that cruises – a "big white boat." He really white, or blue-black. But not only outside but also inside the cruise liner – marine order and cleanliness. Such tradition is the specificity of the fleet: without discipline and cleanliness can not be security, and hence to scrub and clean the deck medyashki on cruise ships will always be. Tourists who first came on the ocean liner, simply do not believe that the cabin cleaned twice a day, linen re-make every day that there is no dust, dirt, rust and divorce on the sides and decks. Rusty hull – it's just unseemly in the navy, as, for example, in leaky shoes walk or ride in good weather on a dirty car. Hence, the third important feature: classiness cruise liners always one star lower than in terrestrial hotels of the same category. That is four star cruise fleet – it's five stars on earth. It therefore should not go after the cruise is not the nicest hotel – vacation will be spoiled. Food, desserts, fruit and wine – business cards cruise companies. Long and varied dining in the company of the master or senior officers of the cruise ship during the voyage is a good tradition. Uniforms, menus, national cuisine, excellent wines – this is not a complete list of small pleasures, honed to perfection in cruise programs. All-day dining, an abundance of seafood and fresh fruit in the diet – all of which can be compared only with the best five-star hotels, and even then not all. Modern cruise ships have a pretty impressive size – up to 350 meters in length, about 20 stories in height, the displacement of up to one hundred, and sometimes more than one hundred and fifty thousand tons. This entire floating city-art entertainment centers. Such as habitual capital megacentres leisure and recreation, nevertheless functioning successfully and on cruise ships. Hence – the saturation of entertainment programs, places and forms of recreation, intelligent use of space for leisure liner hundreds, or even thousands of passengers. Concentration of entertainment in a relatively small space – this is another feature of modern sea cruises. Week can be studied only part of the passenger cruise ship and discover new landing Lounge or bar, find interesting places. bored on a cruise ship is not necessary. Theaters, lounges with live music, shops, auctions, discos for people of different ages, casinos, hot evening shows featuring professional actors from the best European and Broadway shows.

Daily life – sport, swimming pools, sightseeing or shopping. Nightlife – captain receptions, gala dinners, weddings, theater and live music, cinemas, shops and casinos.

We all tend to simple human curiosity: "What is there, on, over the horizon?" This feeling gets fully in the implementation of sea cruises. Although one look a day to a new landscape overboard on the blue sea, the stars in the sky or many hours contemplating the immense expanses of the ocean. Each cruiser pays tribute to this almost childish romance of travel, wanderlust and exciting new experiences. It makes travelers return again and again in cruises. People become addicted, in a good sense, of this type of recreation. This is the last, but very important for us, unlike all other (except that of alpine skiing) recreation.

The purpose of companies – offer exactly those cruises that customers want, and they will always come back. Colorfully and truthfully need to bring to the customer all the charm of this type of holiday, everything else will cruise companies themselves cruises.


– Customers want one trip to visit several countries.
– Cruises – Holidays people who know how to count money well.
– Klassnost cruise liners always one star less than similar hotels in land category.
– Food on board – the card of cruise companies.
– Cruise ship – a high concentration of entertainment in a small space.
– People become dependent on sea cruises, which means a high percentage of return customers.