December 18th, 2013

Ukraine became more issuing Schengen visas Krivoy Rog!

The EU and Ukraine are satisfied with the implementation of agreements on visa facilitation between the EU and Ukraine.

During a meeting of the general committee for the implementation of agreements between Ukraine and the EU on visa facilitation and agreement between Ukraine and the EU on the readmission of persons from 18 June 2007, it was noted that the number of issued Schengen visas for the 9 months of the agreement compared with the corresponding period of 2007 , almost a doubling. In addition, the number of visa denials decreased from 12% to 7%.

As the Ukrainian Pravda, the Ukrainian side also presented proposals on changes and amendments to the agreement on simplification of visa procedures with a view to expand the categories of Ukrainian citizens covered by this agreement.

Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on visa facilitation and readmission of persons entered into force on 1 January 2008.