March 17th, 2014

Turkey visa canceled in June 2012 Krivoy Rog!

Already this year, the Ukrainians will be opened by Turkey without visas, but by the beginning of the summer season will not have time to cancel them. Agreement on visa-free regime between the two countries was due to come into force in May this year, it has not completed Kiev all official procedures. Left to settle technical issues. However, in order that the agreement would go into effect 90 days is necessary.

According to employees of travel agencies, the abolition of visas all eagerly awaiting, as, for example, despite the fact that the visa costs $ 30, a family of three can save on a trip $ 90. In Russia visa-free regime was activated last year. For example, in Turkey, Russian tourists go straight to passport control, and Ukrainian tourists queuing for a visa. After the abolition of visas flight to Antalya from Krivoy Rog will make even more pleasant, as more tourists wait in long queues ..

In 2012, the Ukrainian tourists will be able to enter without visas in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Israel, Maldives, Peru, Seychelles, Serbia and some other countries. Buying Tours of Krivoy Rog Discovery in the travel agency, the company will provide free shuttle service to the airport Krivoy Rog.

Also temporarily canceled visa regime for Macedonia and Croatia.