June 7th, 2014

Turkey to cancel the visa of Ukraine. Buy a tour to Turkey Krivoy Rog!

Turkey abolished the visa regime for Ukrainian citizens. Before the agreement came into force, were adjusted and completed all internal state procedures. Ukrainians now be able to travel to Turkey without visas. April 25 this year, the decision was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ukraine and will come into force on August 1 this year.
Visa abolition agreement was signed in December last year, during the visit of the President of Ukraine in Turkey. March 24 this year, the Turkish authorities have completed all procedures. Once complete, to settle their internal affairs started the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

According to the document, the order of entry / exit and stay of tourists in the territory of one country will be another set based on the travel document, provided that the period of continuous residence in the country will exceed 30 days. Besides the total period of stay on the territory of another State shall not exceed 90 days over a period of 180 days.

Abolition of the visa regime with Turkey experts predict will affect the already high flow Ukrainians toward even greater increase. Buy tour to Turkey from Krivoy Rog can travel agency Discovery.