August 30th, 2014

Turkey introduces new money Krivoy Rog!

In Turkey, the first of January 2009, the turnover will include new banknotes and coins.

Old notes and coins will be in circulation together with new money during the year. Use the "New Turkish Lira" ends on 31 December 2009. After this period, the old money can be changed with the Central Bank and Ziraat Bank for 10 years.

New banknotes and coins form change. On the front side of all denominations will be depicted Ataturk. The reverse side of the banknotes will be gracing the faces of famous historical figures – scientists, writers, politicians …

So on the banknote denomination TL 5 depicts Professor Aydin Sayilov, 10 TL Professor Cahit Arf, 20 TL architect Mimar Kemaleddin, 50 TL Fatma Aliye Hanim on the banknote depicts Itri TL 100 and TL 200 bill on Yunus Emre.

Also in turn will new note denominated in 200 lire.