November 8th, 2014

Turkey appeared sculpture for aliens Krivoy Rog!

Almost 5 years and 11,000 tons of stones needed to create in Cappadocia land art sculpture, which can be seen from space. For whom and why, cost Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers?

This sculpture was part of a large-scale project in the series "Rhythms of Life (Rhythms of Life), work on which the sculptor began in 1998.

Such land art sculptures were created in Israel, Chile, Sri Lanka, Australia, China, Iceland, India, Nepal, Slovakia and the United States, and now in Turkey.

According to Andrew Rogers, stone sculpture that helped build the 6000 locals.

"I was helped by locals – men, women, children and even the elderly. "

Now in Cappadocia, at the request of residents, there is a huge stone sculptures stone palm – "tree of life", as well as a huge figure of a horse.

Andrew Rogers plans in South America and the icy lake in Antarctica to create a similar sculpture.