November 13th, 2014

Traveling through mystical places of the world.

In recent years, scientists are paying great attention to studying pathogenic zones, ie places where the probability of anomalous phenomena and all sorts of catastrophes increased substantially. Traveling around the country, you've probably noticed that everywhere (in every town and country) there are places that people (some with horror, some with awe and trembling voice) is transmitted from one generation to the tradition, suggestive fear. This is the so-called "bad areas", which became a kind of refuge ghosts, ghosts and other mysterious characters. Yes, and we ourselves in childhood have heard from their parents or grandparents of the phrase: "This place better get round! ..", After which there was a story about the terrible and strange events, which is famous for a particular location. "These places are better get round! .." Old timers frivolous superstitious warn tourists wishing to tickle your nerves. Well, if you're not timid, but your body does not have enough adrenaline, you get to know the most mysterious places in the world.
It's no secret that the first place in the number of all evil on one square meter for many years it has been Europe. Any mystical characters there is so much that people even in some sense used to live close to all sorts of ghosts and ghosts, and used to it, even learned how to make money on it. For example, we all know that half the inhabitants of Albion make phantoms, ghosts and other creatures. Despite this the British had not perceive this as something special. They feel relaxed in this neighborhood, and even happy to spend time in the company of supernatural forces. In addition, this type of leisure they offer and tourists visiting their country. So, everyone, for example, just 30 pounds can spend a night with the ghosts in the castle Dudley – the fact that neither has cursed in the country. To start (once on the ground Night Falls) for you take a tour, which will talk about the Grey Lady and the Black Monk. But remember that, in any case, can not keep up with the tour guide. Since these departed loved tickle nerves whisper, from which the hair stand on end, nowhere wafting terrible moans someone's icy breath … Then you will be invited to the chapel, for some reason located deep underground. And there's an expert on the paranormal tell of encounters with evil spirits, which, according to his assurances, often ended in failure. And finally, the climax of the evening – chat with the evil spirit by special guest medium. But, even if in the morning you will notice on the gnarled trunks and in the corners of the old pavilions and small tube column from which came the night screaming, or you will be held to meet employee lock slung over his shoulder, a black hoodie, do not worry.
In order to satisfy their desire to see ghosts and go to another, covered with terrible glory in England – the castle "Bluebeard." It is located in the south-west London. About the castle-palace of the 16th century, long legends associated with all sorts of unexplained things. And now the castle has an official document, according to which the castle is registered at least one ghost. This document appeared after the vague silhouette of man, dressed in medieval dress caught in his lens camera surveillance. This unique film shows how the former residence of King Henry VIII, who became a hero of the terrible tale, walking down a mysterious phantom, and how he "leaking" through the door, turns on the threshold of the castle. And it's not the only evidence: protection and the second time I saw as a kind of figure, like a ghost in the 16th century clothes, suddenly appeared on the screen: a disembodied (!) Spirit carefully shut the door in one of the rooms in that part of the castle, where tourists are rarely everything. According to eyewitnesses them struck by two things: first, the person was obviously inhuman spirit, and, secondly, that the suit, which was dressed stranger in the museum is not. So, how then do not start to get nervous?
But the strange laws of nature often meet face to face with the paranormal accounts and those who are not really searching for such meetings. Here is an example a case that occurred with two tourists who bought a very cheap (I can even say suspiciously cheap) ticket to Switzerland, staying in an old castle (in which they were able to spend a total of three nights). On the first day of their stay in this castle, a woman from among the workers, said that in this castle has dungeons where prisoners were once imprisoned. Became prisoners who dare to criticize the Dukes suit or conspiracies against them. For example, in the 14th century were imprisoned in the dungeons poisoners of wells and distributors of plague, after that were burned alive. And in the 16th, 17th centuries, the castle was concluded many sorcerers. These accidents, which was suspected of satanic deeds, tortured and killed in cruel agony. The ill-fated Castle, according to tourists, is located near the town of Gruyere in northern Switzerland.
Special attention (in terms of mystical excursions) deserves the Czech Republic, because almost every Czech castle or fortress linked some terrifying legend. More often than not they are associated with headless knights, whose souls roam here at night. And maybe even if you're lucky, someone of these characters you will meet face to face … For those who do not consider themselves nervous, given the opportunity to see the "White lady" – a beauty that many centuries ago was imprisoned in one of the towers, where she died. For this you need, since the second half of July to the end of the first week of September, to visit the castle in Hradec Yindrihovom. Ghost beauty comes usually on Friday night and Saturday – according to legend, her body lain among the cold stone walls almost two months, found at this time. If you meet her, you will not faint from fear, then look at her hands – the color of her gloves predicts fate. White – all will be well. Black – the events will not develop in the best way.

Test your nerves on the strength you can and in St. Petersburg. All the matter is that the palaces, streets and bridges of the city keep many secrets. For example, according to witnesses, Chancellor Biron appears on laundry bridge, and from the entrance to the house on Pea leaves for the night walk Rasputin. It also sometimes seen on the embankment near the house Yusupov. The place is not by accident. It is here that odious old man ended his days. Restless shadow "Russian Hamlet" – Emperor Paul I – may be a little late for pedestrians near the Mikhailovsky (Engineers') Castle. St. Petersburg do not doubt that he enfilades still wanders the ghost of the murdered monarch. Terrible halo fanned and Church of the Resurrection (Savior on Spilled Blood), built on the site of the assassination of Alexander II. And in one of the chapels of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra sometimes appears the image of the Blessed Xenia – patroness of the city, you can refer to the innermost request.