February 5th, 2014

Travel to Antalya from Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

Travel to Antalya – an endless delight of beautiful beaches, rocky shores and the lost coves. Going on holiday to Turkey from Krivoy Rog , you can enjoy the rich life of the Turkish city of Antalya. You can buy tours to Turkey from Krivoy Rog and plunge into the rich history of this country, to explore the numerous monuments of cultural heritage, and enjoy the beautiful nature. In this city, the tourist infrastructure is developed in such a way that visitors to the city would deliver maximum pleasure from the rest. Tourism in Turkey is a unique opportunity to visit the ancient cities such as Phaselis, Olympos, etc.

Besides the sea and beaches, Antalya is very popular shopping, which is an integral part of the stay. In Antalya you can buy products of famous brands, at a price that is much lower than in Europe. Purchases can be made as small shops in the old town and major shopping centers. The holiday season in Turkey is on the way, so soon you will already be able to order the latest offerings from Horn Island to Antalya and plan your vacation in this beautiful tourist center.

Antalya is the city in which the concentrated wealth of attractions that will not let you get bored.