June 16th, 2014

Tours to Montenegro from Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk number of firms 1 Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

Montenegro attracts many tourists, as this is an ecological reserve in Europe. In this country tourist draws beautiful nature, numerous excursions, delicious cuisine and friendly Montenegrins. Tours in Montenegro from Krivoy Rog in this country have become popular with tour company Discovery , but since the weekend explore all the attractions of Montenegro is quite difficult, it is best to stop visiting the most interesting places in this beautiful country.

Montenegro are the popular resorts of Budva, the island-hotel Sveti Stefan island Ada, etc. Tourists love to visit the island-hotel Sveti Stefan, which is a fishing village, built in the 15th century. On this island you can relax in the old houses – rooms that look elegant and luxurious.

Another interesting place is the island of Ada-like triangle. On this island is home to many animals and interesting plants grow.

If you visit Gertsegnovskuyu Riviera, you can tweak your health, as this is the spa resort town.

Short tours to Montenegro from Krivoy Rog with the travel company can devote Discovery and excursions. For example, is a fascinating excursion to Lake Skadar. This area is also a national park and lake – reserve. Your stay in this place you can devote rafting.