November 5th, 2014

Tours of Turkey from Krivoy Rog to Shopping Festival in Ankara Krivoy Rog!

The capital of Turkey is planning to take about a million tourists during the shopping festival, which will be held in Ankara from June 8 to July 1.

Currently Ankara boasts a large flow of tourists, said Mayor Melih Gkek. Last year, Ankara visited 749 thousand visitors. In the same year during the festival wearing Ankara to take a million travelers. Tours in Turkey from Krivoy Rog is the tour company Discovery.

At the moment, the capital of Turkey lies in the shadow of such a tourist city like Istanbul and other cities on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Ankara serves as the business center of Turkey. However, the authorities will turn Ankara into a tourist center with a worldwide reputation and an emphasis on cultural and historical monuments and shopping opportunities, which is very popular among foreign tourists. Tours to Turkey from Krivoy Rog, you can buy in Discovery tour company and enjoy an extraordinary holiday.

Official festival selected the Danish model Doutzen Croze, which is known in advertising lingerie from Victoria's Secret. She said it was very important for her mission, and hopes that it can help Ankara fails to take its place in the world of tourism.