November 12th, 2014

Tours of Egypt from Krivoy Rog on the 2012 Krivoy Rog!

Egypt plans to concentrate its efforts on new wounds, to return in 2010. This was recently the country's tourism minister said. Egyptian authorities plan to achieve the target revenue of 25 billion dollars by 2017. Accordingly, plans to increase the flow of tourists. For 2010 the number of tourists who visited the country was 14.7 million people. In 2011, tourist arrivals fell. According to the minister it was due to the fact that traditional markets have ceased to show dynamics. Now the focus will be on Japan, as well as to countries such as Russia, India, China and Brazil. Tours of Egypt from Krivoy Rog offers to buy Discovery travel agency .

The first quarter of this year recorded a dynamic growth and amounted to 32 percent. High tourist flow was recorded from Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Holidays in Egypt from Krivoy Rog can be done by firms Discovery. During this period, the average length of stay was 11 days. Official Cairo going to restore the tourism industry with the support loukastreov, as well as by reducing airport charges. Egyptian authorities also plan to conduct large-scale advertising campaigns and develop new projects, which include the creation of ecological resort in Sharm El Sheikh.