September 1st, 2014

Tourists traveling to look at the fallen unknown object Krivoy Rog!

Fallen meteorite on Sunday evening – the handiwork of man – or rather, someone's bad joke.

Sam "meteorite" – a chemical compound burned out, and the wide crater, which he allegedly formed, was previously excavated people. This opinion was expressed by journalists North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve geologist Dainis Ozols, who arrived this morning to examine the situation on the spot.

As stated by an expert of the Institute of Astronomy University of Latvia Ilgonis Vilks that in the crater, which was formed in the alleged meteorite was a fire, not an explosion. Usually after a collision with a meteorite explosion occurs underground, which resulted in around the funnel should stay meteorite fragments, he said. However, until such data are not scientists.

Meanwhile, the hostess area, Larisa Gerasimova, in the Latvian town Mazsalaca where a meteorite fell, today began selling tickets collects money value of LVL 1 (about $ 2) to look at everyone as yet unknown object, ITAR-TASS reported.

The owner of land motivated measure adopted so that the funds will be used to repair the road, which since yesterday has been trampled a lot of people. In this case, a woman reported that everything is legitimate – tickets were registered in the State Revenue Service of Latvia. Security officers are on site free of charge upon presentation of a certificate.

Synopsis: It was reported that the crater from a meteorite fall in the expected Mazsse close to home "Kundrati" was discovered yesterday at about 17.30. Now inspect the scene specialists from the Institute of Astronomy and geologists.