November 29th, 2014

Tourists refuse to fly on a Tu-204 Krivoy Rog! Discounted tickets to Turkey, last minute tours to Turkey, holiday in the Crimea, rest on the sea, rest on credit, foreign passport.

In France, the 166 passengers, frightened by the message about the crash of Tu-154, refused to fly to Egypt and demanded a different airliner.

At first, the passengers still boarded the plane and even flew it to an intermediate Merignac airport, where after unexpected technical inspection arranged by the Directorate of Civil Aviation of France, find out technical problems.

After learning about checking the status of the aircraft, the passengers began to complain that pushed through chairs, toilets are dirty, the ceiling drips voda.Takzhe passengers said crew members could hardly speak in English and do not know French.

While the technical problems are eliminated by replacing the tires, tourists accommodated at the hotel. In the morning passengers mutinied and refused to get on board.