August 18th, 2014

Tourist tried to ride a crocodile Krivoy Rog!

The Australian town of Broome institute criminal proceedings against tourist bully, sneak into the territory of the zoo.

It is reported that 36-year-old Malcolm Douglas has no permanent residence tried to ride in the zoo reptile. For this, he climbed over the fence of barbed wire and went straight into the cage with crocodiles. Once alone with three reptiles, he came up with nothing better than a ride on the largest individuals, riding her horse. But when the bully tried to climb a five-meter male, who "rebelled" and grabbed the offender's leg.

Developments over for him rather well – a man got into hospital, but kept his life.

As reported in the police say that the man was lucky because he had a chance to survive after communicating with the 800-pound crocodile named Fatso (Fat Man").

In the last century, the male, who dwelt in one of the rivers of the Northern Territory, terrified the locals constantly attacking their boats.