May 21st, 2014

Tourism in Turkey is better than in the Crimea Krivoy Rog!

Every year the Crimea losing ground resorts of Turkey.

For Europeans vacation in Turkey is attractive primarily lower prices. Unlike the Europeans, many ordinary Ukrainians and Russians can no longer afford to stay abroad due to the depreciation of national currencies. Therefore, experts predict that the ratio of Russian tourists to the Europeans in the 2010 season will be in favor of the latter.

This year, tourists in Antalya for a surprise – the reconstruction of the airport. Terminals which will be more balanced, and will cease to resemble the anthill. According to representatives of the airport, these measures will increase the airport's capacity by 5 times.

Head of the Tourism Council of Turkey, based on data respected analysts, said recently that in the near future Antalya "will be one of the most important tourism centers in the world."

Ukrainian tour operators already in full offers a variety of "all inclusive": from the most ordinary to the All Inclusive Super, Premium, Ultra, etc.

This summer big Turkish travel agencies are planning to sell at least 10-15% more passes in the Antalya region in comparison with the previous year.