June 15th, 2014

Tourism in Poland Travel agency Krivoy Rog!

In summer, many tourists from Krivoy Rog begin to think about the long-awaited vacation. Each becomes liked travel agency in Krivoy Rog and plans to stay.

Tour operator Discovery offers unforgettable tours to Poland from Krivoy Rog. Here you can help get a Schengen visa to Poland category C. Campers will go sightseeing, shopping, that will be the most fond memories.

One of the most popular resorts in the central part of the Polish coast is Kolozhbeg. Here you can find everything for rest and treatment: the azure sea, pedestrian boulevards, bike paths, vast sandy beaches, lakes, forests and pleasant mild maritime climate.

Also travel Krivoy Rog recommend visiting the city of Wroclaw. It is located on several islands and the main land it connects 117 bridges. In Europe, there is still 3 other cities in which the same number of bridges and canals, as in Wroclaw. This Amsterdam, Venice and St. Petersburg. Wroclaw – a beautiful city with a rich history. Want to come back here every year. Besides, it is the greenest city in Poland. The largest urban park was founded in the 18th century. Undoubtedly, Wroclaw – a city that you must visit.

In the travel agency Discovery Krivoy Rog will happily pick up the program and provide a bright holiday.