December 30th, 2013

Tips and advice for choosing a New Year gift

Christmas gifts. As a child, we look forward to the New Year and look forward to the joy they get from us donated gifts. As we age, we discover the joy and the other – the ability to deliver (giving gifts) please their loved ones (and, possibly, execute their most intimate desires.) And human sage who said that getting nice, but give, certainly more pleasant. However, the gifts, like people, are different. There are gifts are useful, and in this case appropriate. Giver of gifts is often attributed to a reputation for having good taste, wisdom and ingenuity. On the other hand, there are corny gifts that often fall into the category of unnecessary things. It is usually gathering dust on the back shelves, and those who presented them unwittingly fall into the category of indifferent, and, perhaps, even, to some extent, selfish people.

"The problem of a successful gift" is also a key for all the people living on our planet. But as they say in the famous proverb: "So many people, so many opinions", so in each country, this is at your own way. For example, in the United States decided to present things with cash checks. This will pass, or exchange the item if it is unusable. Incidentally, in the U.S. in January near some shopping queues, consisting of wanting to hand over gifts. And in Germany, the most common gift is … money (in an envelope). This option allows you to avoid buying unnecessary items. In addition, very popular among the people in Germany are money trees. They can either buy or make your own. You need to add notes with ribbons, flowers, or just roll tubes, and then attach to the branches of any indoor plant, and as such give. Moreover, the pleasant memories of the Germans will remain even after the money is spent. After all, in their eyes is a houseplant, symbolizing the money tree. Question: "What to give?" Is not worth the East. There's a crucial role is played by the horoscope and traditions. To avoid mistakes in the choice and the American "Encyclopedia of the most wacky gifts." These include, for example, one-way ticket, which is awarded his mother. Or cook book with a description of fatty and sugary foods, donated by a person weighing 150 pounds. Wacky gift will set cigar man, who had just quit smoking, and a piece of bacon – believing Muslims or Jews. Absolutely useless things were considered beautiful catalogs of clothing or equipment. The book also has a section on home-made works of applied art, are used as a gift. Especially when these things were done in ten minutes a man who can not paint, sculpt, sew, etc. It is not a very appropriate choice are also highly specialized books on the subject, which are guaranteed to be able to read at least 10 people in the world. Also, there is no need to give a cobbler boots or fishing tackle a man who for many years professionally engaged in fishing. Since, most likely, the one thing that you have chosen as a gift, they already have.

In addition, each country has its own characteristic symbols of Christmas. Here are a few examples. Cornel sticks in Bulgaria are the personification of all the best for the coming year. A symbol of prosperity and affluence in the house at the Sudanese is green nut that they are happy to give each other the New Year. Another unusual gift to give each other the inhabitants of Greece. The fact that the New Year Greeks stone hand and says: "Let the money the owner will also be heavy." Going to visit the Scots take with them a piece of coal and throw it in the family fireplace, wanting the house warm and cozy. Residents of Japan are exchanged on New Year's homemade-Daruma dolls – miniature idols of wood or papier-mache, which has neither hands nor feet. Such a gift is a reminder of the heroism of a Buddhist monk Daruma-butting, who meditated so hard that he had not wanted numb hands and feet. A Japanese man who has received a gift Daruma, make a wish and draws her one eye. The second eye doll will receive only one year, and then only in the event that will celebrate make a wish. Otherwise, according to tradition, on the eve of the next New Year one-eyed Daruma are burned at the stake, and it all starts over again.

However, wherever you are, the main thing – is that the gift was chosen with love and care for their neighbors, as well as taking into account its interests.