January 9th, 2014

Throw dead rabbits forbidden Krivoy Rog!

After complaints from animal rights advocates in a small New Zealand town banned throw dead rabbits.

Every year in the town, a competition in which children compete to see who will throw on the carcass of a dead rabbit.

According to Charles Kedvolleydera inspectors for animal cruelty, inhuman similar games.

"Do you happen to fling his dead grandmother's funeral?" – Sarcastically asked the inspector.

Australian RSPCA, gives children the promise that the dead animals – it's fun, and they may perceive murder as entertainment.

"Now these kids are wonderful, they love animals," – said Joe Moriarty, the contest organizer.

Breeding rabbits in households is widespread in New Zealand. However, the country is home to about 30 million wild rabbits, which annually cause damage to agriculture in the amount of $ 22 million.