August 29th, 2014

This year in Israel is expected tourist boom

Financial crisis, which in such a short time managed to cover many countries and many areas of human activity, apparently, will not affect the Israeli tourism. In 2008, the country should visit the 2.8 million people. This at a press conference, said the Ministry of Tourism. Should also be noted that this record figures in the history of the country. Only in September 2008, according to Globes Online, 1,07 million passengers passed through the international airport, Ben Gurion, and is 9.3% more than in the corresponding month last year. Also a sharp increase in the number of passengers going through the country domestic flights (traffic volume increased by 16% compared to September 2007). Since the beginning of the year increased the number of people arriving in Israel by air (according to the Central Bureau of Statistics 25%, which is 31% more than the same period in 2007). Figures have changed and in the service sector: in September alone, Israeli carriers served about 400,000 passengers, which is about 38.9% of all air passengers on flights Israel.