September 22nd, 2014

The UAE has built a solar-powered building Krivoy Rog!

The city decided to build a Dubai City of the Sun – a building that is completely powered by solar panels.

The creators of the Sun City – Architectural Studio Graft Lab suggests that energy released by solar panels must quite enough to fully support the building electricity.

Dubai do not get tired to surprise with new and unusual new buildings being built in the city. Complex Vertical Village (Vertical Village) is a few not very high buildings, united by a common stylobate.

The entire roof of the stylobate roof plus high-rise buildings will be covered with solar panels. Moreover, these batteries will be directed mainly to the south and at a certain angle, the best to maximize the amount of solar energy.

In the high-itude part will house office space, hotel space and residential apartments. In the podium will house a shopping mall and entertainment complex. In general, the classical set of modern multipurpose centers.