August 17th, 2014

The Swiss Alps in washed clean Krivoy Rog!

In Switzerland, decided to clean the tops of the Alps and launder.

The experts concluded that the Alps are inundated with bird droppings, then a purely aesthetic problem excited the country at the state level.

Due to the mountain country Cleaner guests can still enjoy the clean Swiss Alps.

Mountain Association cleaners cares about guests to fully enjoy the perfect mountains. Using a broom, brush, water and muscle they clear rocks from bird droppings.

In addition, the organization looking for volunteers to join the Mountain cleaners and support this team. In April begins search for new volunteers whose job will be to cleaning and cleaning of the Swiss mountains.

Interested in getting this unique alpine flusher work, candidates must fill out a questionnaire and answer questions about the country. Authors of the best profiles will be invited for a week in a training camp in Switzerland mountain cleaners.

Transport volunteers from Russia to Switzerland will be the airline SWISS, the national airline and a great friend of the Association of Mountain cleaners.