June 9th, 2014

The state of the tourism industry in Ukraine

This year, for the second time published competitiveness ranking tourism (T & T). The study was conducted on 14 criteria, divided into three groups – the regulatory environment, business climate and infrastructure, and human, cultural and natural resources, and covered 130 countries. Based on these findings, ranking leaders were recognized as the Western European states. While such well-known tourist highlights such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Peru this year were among the applicants, closing the list. As for Ukraine, our country has taken a not very honorable place between Oman and Serbia. This figure is not surprising when you consider that in the rating, special emphasis was placed on the level of environmental and safety. So, this year (as well as in the past) were top three countries: Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Swiss distinguished road and information and communication networks, which have been recognized as the best in the world. In addition, the country became the first in the regulatory environment, which includes components such as a state policy in the sphere of tourism and the priority of its development. Helped win the first place and areas such as the environment, safety, health and hygiene.

Keep up with Switzerland on the parameters and the Alps. According to experts, the best in the world of tourism infrastructure is well developed in Austria. However, not everything is so smooth. Do not steal away from a fair and impartial view of the jury and the price level in Vienna (104 th). This and some other minor facts have forced the country to give the jury only the second place.

Closes three honorable Germany. Despite the fact that the rest are still more expensive than in Vienna (113th place), tourist centers in the country have earned praise from the point of view of the environment, and hotels and the city – from the point of view of hygiene. A large number of tourists (having the ability to make safe and comfortable journey) attract the ruins of the Berlin Wall, the "Oktoberfest" and "The Sistine Madonna" by Raphael in Dresden.

In just one year, has made an unprecedented jump in Australia (after moving from the second ten to 4th place). It is the decision of the jury, was recognized as the best in the world in terms of human, cultural and natural resources.

The fifth-ranked Spain. Thanks to the peculiar architecture of the cities, and also because of the excellent beaches, it has become the country with the best cultural heritage.

Besides those already mentioned, in the top 10 included the UK, USA, Sweden, Canada and France.

Among the neighboring countries, taking 33rd place ranking leader of Hungary became. While Poland was ranked 56th. The experts note that significant obstacle to improving the status of the country as a tourist Mecca are air-transport infrastructure and the level of prices. On the 69th line this year was Romania. Despite the fact that the experts WEF liked the legend of Count Dracula and the Romanian Carpathians, our neighbors are not allowed to be on the same level rating with other European countries, factors such as high prices and poor government support the tourism industry.

Also identified countries which have become leaders in terms of the best places to stay on the sea. Countries such as Greece and Cyprus, despite the fact that they have become leaders in prioritizing the development of tourism and state support for this classification were only on the 22 th and 24 th places respectively. Business climate and infrastructure, according to experts, is seriously let down heir of ancient Hellas. With regard to Cyprus, then there is no wonder weak factors were cultural and natural resources. Only in the fourth dozen took place Tunisia and the UAE. Bulgaria was even further (in the fifth top ten). According to experts, each of these countries have brought either the environment or natural resources, or transportation infrastructure. In the middle of the rankings were also countries such as Turkey and Montenegro, weaknesses which is related to the nature of the citizens of these countries and the price.

On the second level of price competition in the world after Indonesia became sunny Egypt. However, even this figure has not prevented the country to take off the honorable 66th place (because, among other things, for the country is characterized by a poor telecommunications infrastructure, in addition, do not forget about problems regarding the safety of tourists). In the country each year about 27 thousand road accidents (according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt). As a result, the roads are killed over six thousand people, many of them – foreign tourists. However, even this figure no longer seem so bad when you compare it, for example, states with exotic equatorial and southern Africa. These countries (mainly due to security concerns) Rated the most recent location. And no wonder, because today in countries such as Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Nigeria, Cameroon, Lesotho and Chad periodically civil wars, there is practically no central authority and applicable law. That is why they are considered by experts to be the most unattractive and dangerous countries for leisure travel.

A regular storms and tsunamis, the highest risk of contracting a dangerous disease and virtually no infrastructure put South Asia Bangladesh for 127 th place in the ranking.

Ukraine, among post-Soviet states (except Belarus, which did not participate in the rating), behind only the Baltic countries and Russia. Experts from the World Economic Forum (WEF) reported a high level of hygiene in our country, as well as the development of information and communication technologies. But other indicators, unfortunately, proved to be very mediocre. For example, price competition, our country ranks only 115th place. And as for the development of air transport infrastructure, it is on the 98th. Pretty bad news was the fact that on such indicators as the human, cultural and natural resources of Ukraine passed forward 99 countries (including such as Zambia, Oman, Gambia), only 100 took place and far behind the neighboring Russia (in 39th place). But the problem, according to experts, lies in the simple lack of civility and inability to communicate with foreign, and domestic tourists on the part of many Ukrainian hotels, transport and entertainment. In addition, if the level of the cultural heritage of the country ranked 84th, the level of natural beauty – only the 104th! According to a senior economist at the WEF Jennifer Blanke, in Ukraine over the past year, the factors of attraction have not changed, nor was a notable improvement in the tourism sector. This fact is confirmed by the fact that during the year, our country has risen in the ranking of only one line. If in the future will not take any action to improve the tourism industry in the country, in order to become a world leader in tourism, according to experts, Ukraine need "only" 76 years. And then, this is possible only under the condition that all other countries will not change their position.