March 2nd, 2014

The most incredible tourist complaints Krivoy Rog!

In Australia, an international conference of experts on tourism, with the aim of gathering a list of the most incredible complaints wishing to return money spent on the journey.

The list was a complaint tourists vacationing in one of the African countries and found not far from his home live elephant. According resting, standing on hind legs giant beast put him out of himself than spoil the whole honeymoon.

According to a representative of one of the travel agencies in Britain, potential travelers refused to go on holiday abroad only because foreigners allegedly unwilling to talk to them in English.

And in another Australian hotel famous footballers did not like that in his hotel room overlooking one of the most luxurious beaches audible sound of the sea, not giving lodger sleep.

Another incident involved a complaint with UFO groups gathered at a conference in one of the hotels. Delegates expressed their concerns about the possibility of penetration into the conference room of aliens.

The list also included the claim visitors of the hotel, call the front desk to complain about the fact that she was locked in the room. Arriving on call staff found that nothing terrible has happened. Woman never lived in hotel rooms, just read the inscription on the plate hanging on the inside of the door. The inscription reads: "Do Not Disturb". A visitor decided that she should not open the door.

A visitor to the Australian Hotels lamented the fact that he filed too thick and hot sauce, which is why the diner had to constantly smack one's lips.

Complaint was registered as one of the guests at the Australian that his room is decorated too "feminine."