April 29th, 2014

The largest thermal spa in Europe will open in Turkey Krivoy Rog! Discounted tickets to Turkey, last minute tours to Turkey, holiday in the Crimea, rest on the sea, rest on credit, foreign passport.

In 2013, Turkey will open the largest thermal resort Alila Wellness Park with a capacity of 3 million people.

New thermal resort Alila Wellness Park in Afyon, with a total area of 130,000 square meters, will consist of 2 hotels, 2 spas and conference center.

The cost of the resort is $ 80 million.

An ambitious investor, the owner of Alila Wellness Park Ali Acar, is preparing to introduce a new kind of holiday, resulting in thermal, religious and Walking (sea, sand and sun) will be offered in a single package.

The company is currently conducting market research to summer on the Aegean coast to begin construction of the hotel.

Acar said that the construction of a new hotel planned to start in the summer of 2013. The third project will Akara hotel in the Muslim place of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

"All these projects will be completed within five years. … We offer our clients with tours and membership in the club. "

Acar said the club will pay a sum of money to take advantage of all three hotels for a certain period of time during the year.

Reference: Afyon located at the base of a huge rock in the central part of Western Anatolia. Three years ago, was declared "thermal capital" of Turkey.