September 6th, 2014

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14-year-old Lydia Ward strayed from the shark attacked her on one of the beaches of New Zealand, with bodyboards.

According to the girl, she did not notice the five-foot predator until it was attacked. When Lydia was already waist-deep in the water, the shark bit her leg.

Then the girl and swung with all his might hit the shark bodyboards. According to her, the moment she remembered the story of a surfer who fought off a shark in the same way.

After that Lydia and her brother immediately jumped out of the water.

Although the wounds inflicted by a shark, were not deep, Lydia required hospital treatment.

Scientists believe that shark attacks are very rare. People are much more likely to die from bee stings or lightning strikes. According to scientists, Lydia attacked likely ashen semizhabernaya shark, reaching three meters in length.