May 1st, 2014

The Czech Republic has a new kind of visual art

Chocolate. Millions of people around the world enjoy its unsurpassed flavor. First, it only served hot. But today its popularity is so great that it appears to us, not only in its natural form, but also in the form of tiles, as well – all kinds of figures. In addition, skilled chefs watered them cakes. However, in the Czech Republic this sweet treats fans went even further. The fact that this beautiful country even began to draw pictures of chocolate. Invented a new art-style chocolate artist Vladomir Cech. And to see the pictures (until recently) was possible only in his workshop. And so it continued until now, if recently in the center of Prague (Tnsk 10) would not open the chocolate museum. And now every museum visitor has the opportunity to not only look at the creation, painted black, milk and white chocolate, but also create their own to try the chocolate product. Besides, according to the organizers, everyone can learn the history of chocolate making and recipe preparation. And, of course, take away a piece of candy – as a reminder to visit such an amazing museum.