August 5th, 2014

the concept of female beauty

Mankind has begun to emerge many centuries ago. And if you compare the modern representative of the fair sex with a woman, say, who lived in the primitive communal system, then, at first glance, you can not find anything to do, as has since changed everything: clothes, and ideas about life and the world view of the woman, and even its role in society. But it is only at first glance. That thread, which stretched for many thousands of years, interconnected as two different types of women, was the desire to please, to delight, to conquer the hearts of men. Feminine beauty. This phrase that's really excites the minds of several generations. How many poems, songs, were piled one on this subject? And how many people have lost because of it rest? However, despite all this, even today, people are not able to come to a consensus on this issue. Therefore, so far, each nation has its own ideals of feminine beauty, which are transmitted from generation to generation.

All peoples have long attached great importance and beauty of the body of faculty rights, especially women. Even the ancient Greeks cultivated impeccable appearance. So gradually the concept of the ideal girl's beauty since ancient times, undergoing various changes came in our modern culture. It should be noted that even now on our planet home to many peoples who have very distinctive and even shocking idea of canons appeal. Moreover, the standards of this "strange" beauty evolved for centuries, were born in the Stone Age. So, for example, inmates of the island of Borneo in Malaysia originated fashion delay earlobes, suspending them special bronze weights. A progenitor was the first fashionista, who accidentally pulled himself earlobe. Time passed, but still in order to look more attractive, the fair sex from a young age increase the length of their ears. Moreover, weight Guirec gradually increased to three kilograms. These measures lead to the fact that the earlobes, in the heyday of female attractiveness, reaches the desired length – shoulder. An important addition to the created image is elegant tattoo on the hands (from the fingertips to the elbow), made in the form of lace.

A fixture of European beauties are white teeth. Although it is unlikely to be able to appreciate many residents of Central Asia and Melanesia. And the thing is that they are specifically chew betelnut and poisonous nuts to make the mouth red and sticky. But such a strange way to achieve attractive and has a meaning. The secret lies in the fact that, according to them, men subconsciously believe "toothless" women more like children and therefore more pliable. Even further in this matter went inmates in some areas of Angola. They beat themselves front teeth. A woman Baluba tribe in Congo almost completely grind them. Piping to a triangular shaped teeth like a shark, rage believe Polynesians.

In order to appear more attractive to men, women in Japan Hayinu tribe increase mouth using tattoos on his lips and around them, and give it a touch of blue. Besides, their concept is not only beautiful, but also useful as scare away evil spirits.

As it turns out, are not only different concept of beauty, but also the severity. As an example, caring mothers of Tuareg tribe living in the Sahara, which forcibly fed their daughters. And the reason for it – a kind of concept of beauty. The fact that the notion of completeness of this tribe is associated with fertility, which in turn is the main advantage of women. That's why, if a girl when you lean forward on his stomach will be less than 12 folds of fat, nobody will marry.

However, part of the stretch certain parts of the body are the absolute leaders resident Myanauna (Burma), nicknamed "zhirafihami." Year by year, increasing the number of copper rings that stretched necks of their owners up to 50 centimeters! According to one version, the reason for this strange concept was the notion that the earlier metal defended woman's neck from the tiger, which could throw at her, when she was working in the field. Although not ruled out another option – can thus be used to punish women who changed their husbands.
Not limited to one representative stretching earlobes Africa. For example, in Kenya, Maasai women around the ear pierce many holes into which insert sticks, wires bizarre shapes and bright beads. As a result, it seems that the ears of these beauties grow outlandish bushes. However, it looks all the more surprising when you consider that the Kenyan head shaved bald.

Separate topic are drawings on the body. For example, girls Yanomami tribe of the Amazon jungle painted on its body a real autobiography. Patterns on the body not only talk about the fate of the young ladies, but also the mood and even aspirations (matrimonial, for example). These patterns are replaced by their owners of clothing. However, in the category of durable they still can not be classified as such fanciful ornaments applied vegetable dyes, and after a few bathing they are washed.

Among the more "long-term" jewelry can be attributed curly growths on the bodies of women of the Karamojong tribe (the border of Sudan and Uganda). Women of this tribe in certain places incised iron hooks skin body and face. After that, these places during the month sprinkled ashes (to prevent delayed wound). As a result of torture on the body appear bloody furrows, which, according to local standards of beauty, make it extremely attractive in the eyes of the local men.

But the tradition of nose piercing belongs Indian. So, if the residents of India characteristic attribute of beauty is a nose ring, then for women Yanomami – beads in the cheeks and lips.

There is also a view that the greatest ingenuity Ethiopian beauties from different tribes and Surma Muzi gracing his lips clay disks. For this woman pierced lower lip, and implanted into the hole disk that over the years, becoming more. Disk size affects the size of foreclosure (so the larger the drive, the more cattle the girl's family hopes to get for it).

His notion of feminine appeal exists in tino tribe, living north of the Amazon in Brazil. There are considered to be beautiful women with narrow, very long faces. And in order to have their girls were not with age and chubby cheeked mother squeezed his daughters face wooden slats.

Well, in terms of addiction to jewelry, the most unassuming, perhaps, be called pygmies. The whole point is that these are the smallest (average 1.3 m) women of our planet, living in the forests of Central Africa, only on major holidays put on a head a wreath of leaves. In the rest of the year they usually cost only loincloths.