February 11th, 2014

The city of Rio de Janeiro have set the world Krivoy Rog!

The city of Rio de Janeiro has been installed the world's highest floating Christmas tree.

Christmas tree height of 85 m and weighing 530 tons, was mounted on a solid platform. Spruce will decorate the lagoon Rodrigo di Freytasv prestigious area of Lagoa.

Located on top of spruce star resembling a cross and two small angel symbolizing peace. Tree covered 2.9 million light bulbs, light wires are connected with a total length 52 km. Every day until January 6 at nightfall it will be lit three million light bulbs, which controls the computer, constantly changing color patterns. By tradition, the patterns on the tree dedicated to a specific topic.

Located on the tree and to start the fireworks. Every Saturday they will delight audiences pyrotechnic show.

Rio de Janeiro – which is located on the Atlantic coast. Rio lost his status as the capital in 1960 – became the city of Brasilia. In Brazil the country in recent years, more and more tourists come, and growing demand for hotels that stimulates investment in Brazilian real estate industry.