March 30th, 2014

That most flight attendants do not like? Krivoy Rog!

One Australian tourist sites have created a list that most flight attendants do not like, based on a survey of the stewards.

As for the poll, according to the results, most flight attendants do not like when passengers do not close the door, going to the toilet and listen to music at the time, how they try to speak, writes

And yet, the list is large, annoying flight attendants:
when passengers are trying to take a recreational crew
on re-orders, especially in cases where passengers are asked to bring another flight attendant
when passengers clap them on the back, that draw attention to themselves
I do not like when some passengers begin to dig into the bags at the last moment, and then ask for help to put things in place.
Sloppy and inconsiderate travelers throwing trash on the floor in the middle of the salon

And flight attendants complained that some passengers interfere with the work crew, sloppy use the toilet, and even asked at what point it is necessary to translate the clock when changing time zones.

It turned out that the flight attendants can not stand when passengers book a special meal, and then at the last moment changed his mind.

Flight attendants also have a negative attitude to the complaints of passengers on a crowded luggage compartment on board the aircraft and following them discontent in response to the proposal to put the bag in the next row.