May 17th, 2014

Swiss bored naked tourists Krivoy Rog!

Residents of the Swiss canton of Canton Appenzell Inner Rhodes in favor of termination of nudist tourism.

On Sunday, in the canton occurred traditional referendum. Residents expressed their views on urgent issues a show of hands. It turned out that almost all the participants unanimously voted in favor of keeping up appearances.

Violators of the law threatens imposing fine of 200 Swiss francs ($ 176).

Fashion on a nudist tourism in the Swiss Alps spread last fall. Particularly widespread in Germany it took – German adherents of "return to nature" poured into the sparsely populated areas of the Alps.

In Germany, the nudist movement has deep roots and many followers praising hiking in costume of Adam and Eve as a "special feeling of nature, free and hehy."

Intend to introduce a similar ban in the neighboring canton of Appenzell Outerroden.