February 10th, 2014

Such tantrums at the airport in Hong Kong did not expect Krivoy Rog!

Chinese woman without getting on the plane, threw a tantrum in the Hong Kong International Airport, where she filmed on camera and later posted a video of the world-famous site.

The incident occurred earlier this month. Middle-aged woman noticed when she after a series of statements about the guards at the gate rushed to the floor shouting "aaauuuaaaaa." Can only envy the strength of her lungs, as howling lasted about three minutes.

According to reuters.com, the representative of Cathay Pacific announced that they have completed the conduct landing and unloaded the luggage of the passenger unlucky, so can not afford it on the plane.

An elderly man, who was traveling with her, trying to raise a woman to her feet, but she continued to wail in Cantonese: "I want to fly, I want to fly."

"Do not worry you so less emotion" – persuaded her to an airline employee as clearly heard on the recording.

Later, the Chinese woman and her two friends were sent to Los Angeles later flight without any additional payments.