March 4th, 2014

Staff can speak Italian resorts in Russian. Tours of Italy from Krivoy Rog Krivoy Rog!

It is no secret that the staff of Turkey and Thailand can speak with tourists in Russian, but here's a surprise for you will be the fact that once on the Italian resort, someone from the staff will speak to you in Russian, because they are even in English language lazy answer. But do not rejoice too much because this can only workers Abano Terme – this is one of the most famous spa resorts in Europe. Bus Tours in Italy from Krivoy Rog can be ordered from the tour company Discovery .

It was learned that a lot of Russian-speaking citizens attending treatment and wellness resorts.

But tourists visit resorts data not only for health, but also because they want to swim in a little luxury and these stay in five star hotels. It is for their convenience and the hotel management made the wait staff to learn Russian. Tours of Italy from Krivoy Rog offers travel agency Discovery.

Russian tourists who decided to stay in a hotel that has the desired classification called "Russian-key" course will have the opportunity to talk with the staff at the Russian. Can obtain all necessary information from the press again in Russian, and imagine that they are able to watch Russian television.
It is important to know the Russian language staff who work at spas, because they have to advise tourists what procedures they need.