September 21st, 2014

Ski resorts in Ukraine: where to go skiing? Krivoy Rog!

Here, soon winter. Where to go skiing, you do not know and did not think. Even if you do not have time to buy a tour abroad, you can always go to the ski resorts of Ukraine. Compared with other world ski resorts Ukrainian much better. Why? First, it is close, and secondly – natural snow, and in the third – a people's culture, not cloned – by European standards. After all, as saying: "You have good, but home is best."

And so we offer a list of the most modern and "slop" ski resorts. By the way, they both offer slopes for skiing:

Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – It turns out this is the best ski resort with a good track, comfortable lifts and good infrastructure. Snow cover lasts from December to late April.

Dragobrat, Transcarpathian region. – Guaranteed snow until mid-May. Trails for every taste. A favorite place for advanced skiers.

Izky, Transcarpathian region – holiday homes are located near the ski resort trails. Width up to 200 m of trails at the resort there is a system of artificial snow and snowcat. Before going to the resort, check whether there is snow.

Pylypets, Transcarpathian region. – Come here to skiers and snowboarders. A large number of runs. There is an opportunity for off-piste skiing. Snow lasts from mid-December and kept it until April.

Crowberry, Cherkasy region. – Come here to relax on the weekend. There is every possibility to do snowboarding: halfpipe snowboarding and fun park.

Bruise, Transcarpathian region. – Trails for skiers and snowboarders to beginners and intermediate level skiing. There is no system of artificial snow.

Plai, Lviv region. – Long routes of different difficulty levels, easy access, modern quad chairlifts, infrastructure, well-groomed slopes, modern system of artificial snow and enough modern snowcat – all big pluses of the new resort.

Slavskoe, Lviv region. – Crowded ski resort with developed infrastructure.

Cecino, Chernivtsi region. – Comfortable holiday complex offers a range of entertainment.

Yablunytsya, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Located close to Bukovel.

Dynamo – Trostyan, Lviv region. – The best slide Ukraine. Trails of any complexity.

Ai-Petri, Crimea region. – There are lifts and equipment.

Alaska Center, Donetsk region. – Ideal for family holidays. There are all conditions for skiing for the weekend.

Alpine Valley, Kharkov region. – Using snow cannons guarantee snow.

Angarsk pass Crimea region. – Rest here families with children. Have the opportunity to ride a quad bike or skates. Excellent conditions for the development of "Sleigh" sports – individual tracks are equipped with sledge and snow scooter, ledyanok and automotive cameras, even for fans of the dashing descent – on plastic film. Get here by bus.

Angers, Kharkov region. – Equipped with snow cannons and lifts.

Jelly, Transcarpathian region. – Ideal for beginners. About the quality of services, better not to ask. But cheap.

Verhovina, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Trails for beginners. They come here for treatment and simultaneously drive.

Vojvodina, Transcarpathian region. – Ideal for skiers and snowboarders with an average level of riding and beginners. Lots of entertainment.

Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Come here for the beautiful nature, the intoxicating mountain air and peaceful holiday.

Vyshgora (Fedotov mountain), Kiev region. – There is a snowpark "Admiral Bilboa" with jumps, rails, kickers, boxes.

Platforms, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Main ski slope (1000 m) wide enough and provides enough unhurried skating long descent.

Gorbova, Chernivtsi region. – Great for an active family holiday, beginning skiers and snowboarders. There is an ice rink and snoutyub.

Zhdeniyevo, Transcarpathian region. – Here skiers can ski in the neighboring Polyana.

Zakhar Berkut, Lviv region. – Developing resort. Here the longest chairlift can even say the slowest.

Korczak, Poltava region. – Perfect for the weekend. Besides skiing, there are other things to do.

Kosov, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Come here mainly escape from the city and buy a Carpathian decoration on the most famous souvenir market of Ukraine.

Beautiful, Transcarpathian region. – The longest ski run in Ukraine. It is convenient to ski and most importantly safely. There is a comfortable chair and drag lifts, wide roads and beautiful snow.

Avalanche, Dnipropetrovsk region. – Ideal for relaxing after a day and a family vacation. To do this, all the conditions.

Mezhgorye Transcarpathian region., Quiet and beautiful resort.

Migovo, Chernivtsi region. – Suitable for beginners and snowboarders, and pros. Many trails.

Oryavchyk-rings, Lviv region. – Ski resort more suitable for novice skiers and snowboarders. Well-prepared slopes, small queue to the ski lifts, professional instructors and mass entertainment.

Pass Nemchich, Chernivtsi region. – There is plenty of entertainment: sleds, skiing, snowboarding, ATV, snowmobiles and gryzholy.

Podobovets, Transcarpathian region. – A beautiful resort with good skiing slopes. Trails highway connection Pilipets.

Protasov Yar, Kiev region. – Here skiing and snowboarding. There is an outdoor snowboard park with jumps and rails complex.

Rahim, Transcarpathian region. – There is only one ski trail on the mountain Menchul that fits just beginning skiers and snowboarders. People come here mainly lovers of natural beauty. Have the opportunity to ride in the nearby village Bogdan (Borschevitsa mountain, ski lift 1230 m, elevation 310 m).

Rozluch, Lviv region. – Ideal for beginners – the trail here and a small one. There is a large selection of entertainment – sleds, ice skating, billiards. Every Thursday and Sunday evening themed "Boykovskaya village" – fire, folk band, folk dances, dinner.

Svjatogorsk, Donetsk region. – The most beautiful place area. Basically, they come here to relax, and if you're lucky and there will be snow, then go skiing.

Synevyr Transcarpathian region. – Slopes for beginner skiers and snowboarders. Not well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Skipens, Poltava region. – Skiers offer one track and then not much. If there is no snow, there is an opportunity to go on the rocks.

Sun Valley, Chernivtsi region. – The ski resort offers six runs, two drag lifts and 1 chair (all Austrian), 2 multilift. Slopes are ideal for beginners and average performance. At any station lift with skiers have the opportunity to choose one of 3-4 runs. There are guns, snowmobiles, lighting, restaurant, cafe and pizzeria.

Sorochino Yar, Poltava region. – Ski resort offers to go skiing, snowboarding, skating, sledding, visit a specially prepared track-tubing.

Tysovets, Lviv region. – Here is well-developed tourist infrastructure: the ski runs, jumps and complex, and tracks and freestyle moguls.

Tyudov, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Offers a comfortable stay. It is better to go for a vacation with the family or a large company.

Uzhok, Transcarpathian region. – Poorly developed, but you can go.

HAI, Kharkov region. – Sports facilities with lines 300 m long, with the usual lounge with "Soviet" cafe.

Hust, Transcarpathian region. – Come here to relax and have fun. Skis and snowboards wishes.

Sheshory, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – The resort has three runs with an average difficulty level up to 1500 m and a lot of snow before the end of March.

Extreme Style (Kharkiv Switzerland), Kharkov region. – Ski resort. Here ride with music. You can even call "musically inclined."

Yaremcha, Ivano-Frankivsk region. – Better to go here are a beginner or just relax. There is a large selection of hotels and mini-hotels for every budget and a wide variety of evening entertainment.

Yassin, Transcarpathian region. – Track length up to 800 m are only appropriate for skiers and snowboarders in primary and secondary level of skating. The resort offers affordable accommodation. However, they come here mostly for recreation.