October 5th, 2014

Since 2008, the rest of the coast of Cuba, Haiti, Cayman Islands became dangerous

Going to summer sea shores, each of us wants to enjoy the full extent of the long-awaited vacation. But, unfortunately, in recent years, more and more tourists during the rest exposed to mortal danger. The fact that the coastal waters so popular tourist resorts on the Caribbean striped beauties filled with poisonous spines, ie fish-lions. In this situation, some consolation is the fact that the very first fish per person, does not attack. Another thing, if you stomp on it, or will touch. Then, of course, in order to protect themselves fish catches in the attack. In this struggle, the main weapon for it are long poisonous spikes. A few minutes after the injection a person begins to experience severe pain, then there may come a temporary paralysis, and if time is not out of the water, the bather can drown. Poison poison lasts a few hours and runs hard, accompanied by cramps and disruption of the heart. There is an opinion that the injection of a lion fish can end human fatalities. Today, however, such cases were not officially recorded. But at the injection site may subsequently gangrene. Usually fish habitat lion are waters of the Indian and the Pacific, and the Caribbean Sea they entered 16 years ago, after a tropical storm broke a private aquarium near Miami. To date, these representatives of the underwater kingdom colonized all the Caribbean, eating smaller fish and shrimp and presenting undoubted danger to tourists. In addition, until recently met lionfish in the Bahamas, and the summer of 2008 it can be found already on the coast of Cuba, Haiti, the Cayman Islands and Florida. Specialist at Oregon State University, Mark Hickson notes that this could be the most destructive in the history of the invasion of the Caribbean. Moreover, in his opinion, there is no way to stop him.