January 18th, 2014

Set on a cliff Takmak biotoilet Krivoy Rog!

Krasnoyarsk photographer managed to drag on top of the rock in the reserve Takmak "Pillars" composting toilet. This toilet Alexander established especially for the guests.

That's just not all the guests reach the toilet, reports kp.ru

Recall that Krasnoyarsk known photographer settled on a rock Takmak in protest: against deforestation and pollution.

Descend and climb on top of the rock several times a day – for avid stolbista no problem. Much worse survive rainy weather, when the rock is wet and climb on it really hard.


State Nature Reserve "Pillars" is located in the north-western spurs of the Eastern Sayan, bordering the Central Siberian Plateau. Height rocks reaches 60-90 m of sedimentary rocks are presented and volcanic strata having age from Cambrian (600 Ma) to the Carboniferous period.