December 15th, 2013

Russian tourist was bitten by a stewardess in the ass Krivoy Rog!

On the flight from Moscow to Eilat, strange wild antics Russians.

For example, one of the passengers and flight attendants IsrAir molested biting her buttocks.

First, 27-year-old drunken passenger began to argue with the neighbors, and then decided to start flirting with the flight attendant. In order to get her attention, he kissed her in the buttocks. Waitress did not pay attention to courtship passenger. Then the man went on to become more active, pressing the airline employee to her and bite her. Other stewards, came running to the cries, twisted drunk "Lovelace."

And the other arranged on board brawl with his wife. After an exchange of offensive remarks wife met in melee.

After the plane landed, they were detained by the police and remanded in custody on charges of disturbing public order and causing bodily harm. Now Brawlers facing real jail time.