April 21st, 2014

Rubbish hotel will open in Rome Krivoy Rog!

Soon, the capital of Italy – Rome discover interesting hotel of debris.

All construction is carried out within the project Corona Save the Beach, running in the year 2008. June 5, a German painter and master performance Hans-Jrgen Schult (Hans-Jrgen Schult, better known under the pseudonym HA Schult) plans to open an installation showing a future that shines beaches, if you do not take care of them today.

In his work, the artist plans to build a hotel full of debris that has been collected on the beaches.

The initiative belongs to the creation of installation Corona Extra beer brand and is part of a program aimed at the preservation of European beaches.

The company is famous for its desire to draw public attention to the problem of pollution of the beaches and the financing of cleaning the dirtiest beaches in Europe.

It is noted that the first visitor spend night in hotel. The first guest of the hotel will become a famous Hollywood actor, whose name is kept secret.