May 23rd, 2014

Reliable ways to get rid of motion sickness!

Before the New Year was considered a family holiday, and spent his fireside with your family. Today, millions of people during the Christmas holidays to travel. And these people could have been much higher if not for one "but". The fact is that for a large part of the population is such a pleasure becomes unavailable due to traffic motion sickness. According to studies, because the disease affects roughly one in ten tourist. In addition, the scientists say that the age of ten years in any transport cradles at least 60% of the children (and this leads to an increase in the number of victims in a family vacation). There is a logical question: Who is most susceptible to motion sickness and what it is called. After spending a considerable amount of research, scientists have come to believe that a person can rock for two reasons. The first reason is related to the vestibular system, which is suffering from unusual accelerations. As an example, consider a phenomenon familiar to all, as a stopper (when the car or the bus accelerates, brakes, accelerates again). That's why much of the passengers prefer to ride a walk in the fresh air. The second reason, according to experts, is shown in a mismatch of vestibular, visual and sensory. For example, while in the cabin of a ship, the tourist sees that the room still, and at the same time clearly feels like it lurches from pitching. If you speak the language of science, it is the case: the central nervous system knows exactly which signals must come to it from different agencies. In the case of non-signals and the information that is stored in the memory of the nervous system, the information begins to interfere, and runs a number of neuro reactions. This process is called motion sickness syndrome. As for the symptoms of motion sickness, they tend to develop gradually. Scientists note that the first may start yawning, excessive salivation, pallor, copious cold sweat, drowsiness, and dizziness, headache, malaise and fatigue. After that appears and grows nausea, vomiting begins, disturbed coordination of movements. Plus, the traveler feels very weak, can not concentrate. However, the effects may be more significant. For example, with strong long rocking can lead to vomiting, hypotension, dehydration and depletion of depression.

According to scientists, combat motion sickness is not only possible, but necessary. And to begin with training the vestibular system, as it is, according to experts, is the most reliable way to deal with motion sickness. To do this, a person needs to diversify the range of information and experiences. A great exercise in this regard has always been considered rides. Here are just a few examples: "The Sun", "Breeze" … In addition to them, will help to strengthen the vestibular apparatus with activities and games such as tennis, volleyball, swimming, jumping on a trampoline. But those who are above methods for whatever reason, do not fit, it should be remembered that motion sickness can save even simple swing for children. However, only if they do not look and swing himself.

There are several ways to avoid motion sickness and those who do not have time to exercise, and very close to the travel date. First, according to the advice of experts, before you go to relax. You can even take a sedative or hypnotic (if disturbing insomnia). Second, doctors do not recommend the very day of departure to drink a lot of alcohol or smoking. Third, we need to remember that not only hunger, but overeating can cause motion sickness. Fourth, it should resist from drinking milk and silnogazovannyh drinks. While drinks with slight sour taste, such as juice or orange juice is considered a classic tool to help cope with motion sickness. In addition, experts recommend to travelers during the trip a little and often eat a light meal.

Prone to motion sickness tourists doctors usually recommend in the transport, where the least range of motion, for example, in the middle of the ship, or in a part of the plane, which is located in the area of the wing. In addition, you should try and minimize all movements of the head. Best of all – lean it against something hard (to lie down on your back or be reclined with cushion under his head.) Also, when traveling by car or bus is better to sit facing forwards. It is not recommended to turn his head vigorously in all directions or follow the flashing of objects outside the window. Ideal – take a front seat and watch far enough and tall object. You can try another way – close your eyes and take a comfortable position, throwing a chair as before. But this approach also has its "cons." For example, it is not acceptable in the event that you, say, have decided to go on a bus tour of the city. Whereas long journeys there is nothing better than to just go to sleep.

It is also recommended to avoid overheating and overcooling. You can try for yourself the effectiveness of another way, the essence of which is to distract from the environment and to do interesting work, fully concentrating on it. The only thing that should not be done in a similar situation, so it is read. And here is pleasant and favorite music or watching a movie (if the screen is at the top of a bus or a car) is not helping to distract.

In the fight against the disease and help people's money. For example, if you get motion sickness, you should take into ginger root. It does not matter in what form can eat slices of raw root or take a dry powder can rasprobovat ginger biscuits or suck on ginger candy. Fit and pickled ginger, ginger beer, and even capable of alleviating the suffering of tourists.

And what if no preventive or folk remedies do not help. In this case, experts advise go to any pharmacy. It is there now a qualified pharmacist can recommend the traveler a variety of drugs that help to make the road more comfortable. Here are just a few examples: homeopathic, such as Nux Vomica, Vertihogel" and "air-sea" antihistaminic "Bonnin" and "Dramina", "Kinedril" …

But they get carried away and exceed the dose stated on the packaging should not be, as it should be remembered that the motion sickness medications have unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness, inhibited reaction, fatigue, and even memory loss effect. Also the like is strictly forbidden to take those who are behind the wheel of a car.